January 7, 2024   Appearances

First events of 2024 and Jeri Ryan is shining like the star she is. Enjoy the HQ photos. Public Appearances > Events From 2024 > Jan 06 | The Art Of Elysium’s 25th Anniversary HEAVEN Gala Public Appearances > Events From 2024 > Jan 06 | Astra Film Awards

December 27, 2023   Bosch, Screencaptures, Television

HD screencaptures of Jeri Ryan in the series (all episodes) “Bosch” in which she played Veronica Allen. Enjoy them! Television Series > 2010-2019 Shows > Bosch

December 15, 2023   Appearances

Cast members of Star Trek Picard Season 3: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd (with Terry Matalas sitting in the audience) participated to a screening of Picard finale organized by SAG Foundation in LA. Enjoy the photos. Public Appearances > Events From 2023 > Dec 14 | STAR TREK: PICARD: […]

And the second batch completes screencaptures for 90s movies and tv-shows with Jeri Ryan. True a few pieces are missing, but I’ll do my best to find them!!! Meantime, enjoy these! Television Series > 1991-1999 Shows > Dark Skies Movie Productions > Featured Films > Men Cry Bullets > Screencaptures Television Series > 2000-2009 Shows […]

First batch of screencaptures from shows and movies from the 90s in which Jeri Ryan starred. Movie Productions > TV Movies > Nightmare In Columbia County > Screencaptures Television Series > 1991-1999 Shows > Who’s The Boss? > 7×17 – The Unsinkable Tony Micelli Television Series > 1991-1999 Shows > The Flash > 1×15 – […]

November 13, 2023   Appearances

A few HQ pictures of Jeri Ryan at yesterday’s Opening Night Performance of Alex Edelman’s Just For Us. It’s a pleasure to see her yet again and relaxed and calm. Public Appearances > Events From 2023 > Nov 11 | Center Theatre Group Hosts Opening Night Performance Of “Alex Edelman’s Just For Us”

November 12, 2023   Dark Winds, Screencaptures, Television

The newest project of Jeri Ryan was… something. Here’s HD screencaptures of her four episodes from season 2. Really hoping for a call back for season 3! Television Series > 2020-2029 Shows > Dark Winds

November 9, 2023   Appearances

One last strike for the queen Jeri Ryan, who never gave up from day one until the last day. Proud to call myself a fan of a fighter (standing ovation) Public Appearances > Events From 2023 > Nov 08 | SAG-AFTRA Strike: Burbank Picket Line

November 8, 2023   Appearances

Captain Jeri Ryan in front of Warner Bros Studios today in Los Angeles. Public Appearances > Events From 2023 > Nov 07 | SAG-AFTRA Strike: Los Angeles Picket Line