Please take the time to read through these questions, before contacting me, thank you.

Are you Jeri/do you know Jeri/have you met Jeri?
I am not Jeri Ryan nor a representative. As such, any emails intended for Jeri will be deleted, I’m afraid. See the question further down for an explanation.

Is this the official Jeri Ryan website?
No, it is not. As stated in the disclaimer, this is just a fansite. However, Jeri does not have an official website, but official social accounts like twitter, instagram, facebook and mastodon.

Does Jeri ever come here?
It would be nice, and it might happen from time to time. However, there is no sure way to determine it.

If I email you/send you a letter, will you send it to Jeri?
No, I am not Jeri, nor am I the Post Office. Any such emails will be deleted, I’m afraid.

Do you own the images in the gallery? Can I use them?
I do not own any of the images featured in the gallery — they are the copyrighted to their respective owners, and no copyright infringement is intended, as stated in the disclaimer.

As for using the images featured at Dazzling Jeri Ryan, you are welcome to use them for fanart purposes and a link back isn’t necessary, though I certainly won’t complain if you choose to do so. I also can’t stop you from redistributing the images featured here, as technically, I do not own the images.

However, I would appreciate it if you didn’t redistribute the Dazzling Jeri Ryan Exclusive media such as original magazine scans, screencaptures, and the like, as these took up a lot of free time to make, as well as costing money to buy (scans, especially) for the site in the first place. So, please respect the work of myself and the Dazzling Jeri Ryan donators. Thank you.

Why aren’t there any candid/private images of Jeri in the gallery?
Dazzling Jeri Ryan is proud to be stalkerazzi-free — I have chosen not to feature candid images of Jeri on this site because I wish to respect her privacy & her family.

Why don’t you have pictures of all of Jeri’s events, etc., in the gallery?
It may be that the only images available are in low quality and/or watermarked/tagged — I pride myself on adding, where I can, only medium or high quality images of Jeri to the gallery.

I’ve got those images/more images of [insert event]! Do you want them?
Of course! If they are within the boundaries of medium or high quality images, I’d love to be able to add them to the gallery! You can contact me and we can discuss how to work this out. Thank you! 🙂

Why don’t you answer my emails/reply sooner?
While I do pride in dedicating my time to my fansite a lot, this is not the only one I have and even if the day has 24 hours, most of times I’m contacted by people not in my same time zone (Europe), which means that when you write to me, for me, it’s probably the middle of the night. Any e-mail will be replied as soon as possible, if a reply is indeed necessary.

Still have a question that wasn’t answered? Then feel free to contact me.