Character: C.J. Skye

Directed by: Paul McComas, Holly Trasti

Written by: Paul McComas

Produced by: Spencer James Parks

Cast Members: Christina Ricci, Ed Asner, Sheryl Lee, Louis Gossett Jr.

Genre: Animation, Drama

Dayna Clay struggles through the final concert of her wildly successful tour. Tormented by an ever-deepening depression, the 27-year-old rocker hands her guitar to a fan and beats a hasty retreat. She forfeits her career and sets out, incognito and alone, for parts unknown, winding up in the Badlands of South Dakota. Her growing connection to the land and the people she meets there - including a potential romantic interest, and a mentor - begins to heal the wounds of an abusive childhood. But Dayna's mysterious disappearance and continuing absence serve only to fuel her soaring album sales and media fixation. Laboring to choose between two lives, she finds herself stranded, alone, in a far-flung corner of the very wilderness she has come to love. Saved from suicide earlier by nature, she now may perish by the same hand.


→ A rock star takes herself out of the running for 27s Club membership — and into the Western wilds.

Script developed by Never Enough Design